logo4webVEGA PLUS LLC is the Kyrgyzstan's one of the leading company in the industrial proccessing and export of the natural Forest Walnuts in shell and it's kernels.

Vega Plus LLC started its activities from November 02, 2002.

With more than 10 years of experience, our company provides its high quality products to the world's most demanding markets. From the founding of the company until 2014 Vega Plus LLC exported walnut products in a quantity of more than 10 thousands tons, to the following countries: Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Israel, China and Russia.


The company's mission:

Raising awareness of the Kyrgyz environmentally healthy products abroad through exports in world markets. Company's business is processing and exporting of walnut kernels, dried fruits and other products of natural walnut forest.

The company's vision:

- LLC "Vega Plus" - a leading company in export walnut kernels and dried fruits in the country and abroad; - LLC "Vega Plus" has its long-term and reliable partners abroad as a result of long-term trust and cooperation; - LLC "Vega Plus" delivers its customers only quality products; Our main product is walnut from natural mountaion forests which covers the area more than 40 thousand hectares, but the walnut forests are also rich for the products such as mushrooms, fruits (prunes, apricots), pistachios, capers and other value-added products which are processed and exported by Vega-Plus, utilizing Kyrgyzstan's high quality raw material. The processing and export of our walnut products will be according to HACCP and Fair Trade Standarts.


We offer export of the following foods:


Kyrgyzstan is famous for its unique natural walnut forests, located in the Jalal-Abad region in south-western slopes of the Fergana and Chatkal ridge of Tien Shan mountains, which are the largest and the only ones in the world. By the size of the occupied territory, values, beauty, are a unique gene pool. These forests are rightly called the pearl of the world values and an important part of the natural herritage.


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